Awarding Credit

Most of our students are anxious to continue their academic progress while they are participating in our program, and many receive credit from their institution while they are on our campus.  We have advised students that selection of courses and participation in programming should be a joint decision between faculty and students, and credit awards will be at the sole discretion of their home institution.

While the awarding of credit varies greatly, many universities and colleges offer credit to students in the following manner:

Course-for-Course Transfer Credit

Institutions may offer course-for-course transfer credit for the courses that the American Council on Education (ACE) recommends for credit and are offered in the Disney Education curriculum.


Courses as Independent Study or Elective Credit

Institutions may elect to transfer the Disney Education curriculum courses back to the home university/college as independent study or elective credit, which may or may not be considered in the student’s major.


Internship Credit for Work Experience

Institutions may award internship credit for the work experience only. Many schools require that a student successfully complete both the work experience and one or two Disney Education curriculum courses.


Internship Credit For ACE-recommended courses

Institutions, conversely, may offer credit only for the ACE-recommended courses and not the internship, thus requiring the student to take one or two of the Disney Education curriculum courses.