Student Evaluation Tools

Obtaining a Grade Report, Learning History, or ACE Transcript

For all participants who complete a Collegiate offering, the Education Team will provide them with a copy of a Grade Report and a Learning History.   The Learning History will include courses taken (and associated grades), role-related training and regulatory training. The Learning History also shows the participant’s grade for the ACE-recommended courses as a percentage, not a letter grade. The Grade Report will show the grades for each graded component of the student’s course with the final grade and completion status (Pass/Fail).

The process of transferring grades:

There are typically three different ways that grades can be obtained by a participant’s home university or institution.

  1. Education Connection:       Final grades are posted on Education Connection within five days of the close of each semester.   A login and password are required to access this information. If you do not already have a login and password to this site, you will need to contact the Campus Recruitment team at to obtain this information. (
  2. The Participant:       The participant can physically carry their Grade Report and/or Learning History to the Faculty Advisor. The student receives this Grade Report and/or Learning History at the conclusion of his/her collegiate course.
  3. Disney Education Team: The Disney Education Office can send the Grade Report and/or their Learning History directly to the home university or institutions on the participant’s behalf. This option is usually reserved for those that do not have the ability to retrieve the information from Education Connection (see option #1).   To request this option, the participant would need to contact the Education Office for specific details (

To request an American Council on Education (ACE) transcript, the participant may request a transcript directly from ACE by utilizing the organization’s Web site ( or by phone at 202-939-9434. An official transcript will be sent directly to the Admissions Office of the home institution, and will list the participant’s performance as a pass/fail rather than a percentage grade. The American Council on Education charges a nominal fee for this service.

Program Evaluations

During each participant’s program they will typically meet with their leader to engage in conversations regarding both their working experience and their program experiences. We encourage Program participants to take an active role in scheduling these meetings with their leader to discuss the goals and skills they are learning during the program. Some of the things they may discuss include:

  • Performance expectations and potential opportunities for improvement
  • Value of the program as it relates to the cast member’s long-term career goals and transferable skills

Participants can request from their leader a Program Performance Evaluation just prior to the completion of their particular program.  It is recommended that participant’s request this evaluation within 3-4 weeks prior to their departure to provide the leader sufficient time to complete. This evaluation will include a review of their work performance, including covering the Four Keys Basics: Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency.

Process for Requesting School Documents and/or Articulation Agreements

We have done some recent work to streamline the process for schools requesting completion of internship approval forms and articulation agreements.

If your school falls in this category and you’d like to learn more information, feel free to contact our main inbox with these specific requests.  The address is

Please allow 24 hours for response time as we review your request. Thank you!