Course Highlight: Disney Corporate Analysis

Students enrolled in the Disney College Program on either coast can take an insider’s look at the entire Disney enterprise in the Corporate Analysis course. This advanced level course provides an organizational exploration of The Walt Disney Company and covers a variety of topics including its corporate history, structure, governance, performance, and culture. In addition, students will learn more about our Company’s concepts around innovation & technology, globalization, history & heritage, corporate social responsibility, and diversity & inclusion. Class content is delivered through lectures, group discussions, learning activities, and situational studies.


Disney Corporate Analysis Learning Objectives:

  • Apply knowledge, skills, and behavior needed by leaders to achieve success in The Walt Disney Company
  • Discuss the importance of The Walt Disney Company vision, mission, and brand essence and its role in the success of The Walt Disney Company
  • Analyze the importance of The Walt Disney Company’s corporate culture and how it creates a competitive advantage for Disney
  • Describe components of The Walt Disney Company’s Enterprise Leadership Competencies and how they can be applied in your future career
  • Recognize the value of innovation and technology to the success of The Walt Disney Company and its future
  • Explore productivity and its significance in The Walt Disney Company’s successful business
  • Demonstrate mastery of concepts discussed in class through case studies
  • Evaluate the impact of competition, service, and global expansion to The Walt Disney Company
  • Identify the various ways The Walt Disney Company is involved with the community and the environment
  • Recognize The Walt Disney Company origin, culture, and values
  • Compare and contrast how The Walt Disney Company utilizes synergy between business segments with other businesses in the industry


What several students say about Corporate Analysis:

  • “I enjoyed learning about the history of the company. I will be able to walk away from Corporate Analysis knowing a lot of information that only salaried cast members are aware of. This class gave me the inside-look, putting the official stamp on the company I would love to develop a career with. Take Corporate Analysis and you will not be disappointed!”
  • “You learn what Disney looks for in a leader and manager. But most importantly, you learn that Disney manager and executives look at regular cast members like you and me from a “horizontal” point of view instead of the conventional “vertical” view. Disney’s corporate culture emulates a “mom and pop’s shop” (Small business) while being a huge entertainment company.”
  •  “I will take away the truth behind Disney. When people look at the Company they just see the success; they don’t see the struggles, determination and hope that Walt had. That, to me, is everything. It gives me hope for my own dreams and makes me love and appreciate Disney even more than I did before. “