Course Highlight: Disney Corporate Communication

Disney Corporate Communication is available in Florida and teaches students how companies communicate with key audiences, both internally and externally.  Students are introduced to the communication function and how companies reach a variety of publics including customers, investors, employees, media, government and communities in relation to the corporation. The purpose of this course is to engage students in the principle and significance of communication within an organization at many levels.  Students will learn the why, how, and application of communication techniques as organizations interface with customers, employees, and the public.  As a result, students should have greater understanding of and appreciation for the corporate communication process.


How would the Instructor describe this course?

“The course is focused on learning how corporations communicate with their stakeholders – the planning that is involved and the process. We look at current events and situations. The students select a company to focus on throughout the term and dissect it from many different stakeholder perspectives.”


Disney Corporate Communications Learning Objectives:

  • Explore communication theories and assess their relationship to Corporate Communication practices.
  • Identify and analyze the importance of communication functions including: media, community, employee, government, customer and investor relations.
  • Critique varied applications of Social Media platforms.
  • Assess the value and efficacy of integrated communication processes.
  • Evaluate and apply the Corporate Communication Strategic Planning Model.
  • Discuss how companies manage, maintain and enhance their reputation through ethical Corporate Communication practices and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Incorporate current events and the primary Corporate Communication functions in developing and presenting a news cast.
  • Determine the most strategic communication vehicle(s) in achieving business objectives.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the key components of class by designing and presenting a comprehensive communication plan.


What the Students Say about Disney Corporate Communications:

  • “This class is beneficial even if you are not a communications major or even if you are just contemplating a communications major or minor.”
  • “I am able to take the things I learn and apply them to real life situations.”