Marketing You: Personal and Career Development Strategies

Marketing You:  Personal and Career Development Strategies is available in both Florida and California.  This course uses directed discussion and cooperative learning experiences to both define a personal brand for career marketing and to focus students who do not have clear career objectives. This course is designed to maximize the Disney College Program Internship experience, as well as all prior/subsequent work experience, utilizing the transferable skills noted in the Secretary of Labor’s SCANS (Secretary’s Commission of Achieving Necessary Skills 1991) report. While the Disney College Program is a non-technical skill internship, it produces the type of skills required in the workplace. The student will learn how to market the SCANS report skills of communication, customer service, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision-making, self-management, and creative thinking. Key elements of the course include the development of a career focus and a personal marketing plan. The marketing plan allows a student to develop a personal brand, 30-second commercial, résumé, and networking strategy. The students will also learn interviewing and negotiation techniques.


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Marketing You Learning Objectives:

  • Create career focus for students that have not determined their career path
  • Define professional career goals
  • Demonstrate the concept of professionalism as it relates to Appearance, Character and Effectiveness, (A.C.E)
  • Increase self awareness in the workplace
  • Differentiate between personal and career attributes that enhance or impede career potential
  • Utilize the College Program work experience to develop and enhance transferable skills
  • Develop and apply career skills related to a job search
  • Identify top 5 career strengths
  • Develop a personal brand to enhance future career marketability


What the Students Say about Marketing You:

  • “I enjoyed Marketing You because it challenged me to be more aware of the professional work environment and how to present myself in the best light.”
  • “I was able to learn about myself through various assessments that have already helped influence my career decisions.”
  • “I learned so many practical skills in this course!  I am now prepared for the job search with a great resume and lots of networking and interview skills.”