Recruitment and benefits of the Disney College Program

Is the Disney College Program a paid experience?
Yes, all Disney Internships and Programs are paid opportunities. Participants will be notified of the exact amount in their offer of employment.

How many hours per week will a student work on the program?
Participants could work the equivalent of a full-time schedule, so they must have full work availability, which includes working days, nights, weekends and holidays. Participants must also be flexible to work any time of day, including early morning or after midnight. 

What does a student gain from the Disney College Program experience?
The Disney College Program provides experience that easily translates to any major. Future employers, including The Walt Disney Company, are seeking talented individuals with attributes such as excellent communication skills, ability to manage complex and sometimes difficult situations, working effectively in team and independent environments, and a passion for their work. Our participants will provide exceptional service to guests and work with fellow cast members from all over the world and gain life skills that will help set them up for future success.

How does Disney determine and assign work locations?
At the conclusion of the interview, our team considers a variety of factors that may come into play when ultimately deciding the line of business if an offer is made.  These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Program roles to which the candidate showed receptivity at the time of application
  • The recruiter’s determination based on the actual interview conversation
  • The overall needs of our operation within the parks and resorts at the time

Can students extend their program past their initial departure date? What are the requirements, and how are they considered?
Participants may apply for consideration for a Disney College Program extension assuming they have not already been on programs for one full year. Extension opportunities are available for spring, summer and fall. Current participants must apply for consideration.  Minimizing attendance notations (lateness, call-ins, etc.) and being flexible with role choices are two important factors for our participants to consider if interested in extending their program.

Can you share the fees associated with the program when an offer is made?
Once an offer has been made, a student must pay a program participation fee to fully complete their acceptance.  Fees are different depending on the location of the program and may vary per program.

What is the timeframe students have to accept the their Disney College Program offer?
Unless otherwise noted, students have seven days from the time of offer to fully accept their program, which includes submitting their program participation fees.

Can participants live off-site if they choose?
Yes! Students may opt out of Disney College Program housing when they receive further information from our Housing team in the days leading up to their arrival.

How do participants match roommates?
Assuming they are scheduled to arrive on the same day for their Disney College Program, students will have the option to roommate match when they are invited to establish their housing preferences. Students will receive this communication in the days leading up to their arrival date.

How does a participant follow up with Disney if they have a questions about their status?
Direct your student to DisneyCollegeProgram.com, click on the “Ask for Help” icon, and submit their question to our team!

Can recent graduates appear differently in Education Connection?
Unfortunately, we currently are not able to differentiate year in school along with recent graduates on Disney Education Connection.


Professional and Management Internships

Does completing the Disney College Program give a student a competitive advantage for Professional Internships?
This is a common question and the answer is yes – and no. We do have some professional, major-specific internships that require completion of a Disney College Program for consideration. For many others, it’s a preferred requirement. An applicant for a Disney Professional Internship must possess all of the required skills and experience to be seriously considered. If a student has the desired experience and has completed a Disney College Program, they may have an advantage when being considered for a Professional Internship. Also, never underestimate the power of networking. Encourage your student to consider networking during their Disney College Program in order to create connections that may assist them in returning to the company for a Disney Professional or Management Internship.

Where can my qualified students learn more about Disney Professional or Management Internships?
Students interested in applying for Disney Professional or Management Internships should visit disneyinterns.com.


General internship and school partnership

How are you encouraging students to meet with their advisor when accepted?
From the time an application is submitted to the days leading up to a program arrival, students receive communication from us encouraging them to meet with an advisor on campus about their intentions of participating on a Disney Program. We include information on our website, in the offer letter, and in pre-arrival communication, which includes our onboarding portal.

Does Disney sign student loan forms?
Unfortunately, we are not able to sign any student loan deferment paperwork. We strongly encourage the student to meet with an academic advisor on campus for further guidance.

The school requires a final performance evaluation. Can a site supervisor complete this school evaluation?
While we are not able to complete school-specific evaluations, our leaders have access to a Disney created and approved evaluation that addresses key behavioral expectations, execution of our Disney Four Keys Basics, attendance, and overall performance. Participants must ask their location leader to complete an evaluation two to three weeks prior to their departure.  Mid-program reviews are also available upon request.

Who do I contact if I have questions around school internships agreement forms?
Please visit our support site for contact information.

Who is the contact for my campus or if I have general questions?
For general questions or requests, please visit our support site.