Writing Lab


At the Disney Learning Center in College Program housing, there are many great resources for Florida based College and International Program students to enjoy. One of the most notable resources is the Writing Lab.  Here, students can submit written work to be reviewed by Disney Education Coordinators.  The Coordinators will provide advice regarding grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, and composition.  For the convenience of the students, the Disney Learning Center is open from 9am to midnight every day.

To schedule a 30 minute consultation with an Education Coordinator, students should stop by or call the Disney Learning Center and submit their work at least 24 hours in advance.  For academic assignments, students are also required to submit the assignment description and rubric in order to protect the integrity of the assignments.  Many students choose to meet with an Education Coordinator multiple times at different stages in their writing process.

To accommodate even the busiest students, the Disney Learning Center also offers an online writing lab, where students can submit their work electronically and receive recommendations sent directly to their email inbox.